The Comic Latin Grammar


Percival Leigh

Forgotten Books

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The Comic Latin Grammar


Percival Leigh

Forgotten Books


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<i>The Comic Latin Grammar: A New and Facetious Introduction to the Latin Tongue</i>, written by Percival Leigh and illustrated by John Leech, is a delightful and humorous take on a grammar textbook.<br><br><i>The Comic Latin Grammar</i> is modeled after a popular grammar textbook of the 1700s. Author Percival Leigh explores the English language with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. "That boys should be instructed in the Latin language will be denied by few (although by some eccentric persons this has been done)" states the author, "That they can be expected to learn what they cannot laugh at will, to all reflecting minds, especially on perusing the foregoing considerations, appear in the highest degree unreasonable." Percival Leigh understands that language can be fun, and this book is written to demonstrate this viewpoint. The book proceeds as one would expect a grammar textbook to, with examinations of the parts of speech, verb conjugations and tenses, and analysis of word etymology.<br><br><i>The Comic Latin Grammar</i> is truly a pleasure to read. Copiously illustrated, it is both informative and entertaining. Leigh is a masterful writer, and the text is littered with clever wordplay and subtle gags. At less than two hundred pages it is a short book, but one that reader's will likely return to frequently.<br><br>Percival Leigh has created a love letter to the English language in <i>The Comic Latin Grammar: A New and Facetious Introduction to the Latin Tongue</i>. This is a charming and at times hilarious read that will appeal to all those who truly love the power and peculiarities of words.


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