Devils, Drugs, and Doctors


Howard Wilcox Haggard

Forgotten Books

Devils, Drugs, and Doctors - Bookrepublic

Devils, Drugs, and Doctors


Howard Wilcox Haggard

Forgotten Books


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Healing cults of today — Revival of medieval practices — Changing cults — Cagli ostro — The celestial beds Of James Graham — Lady Hamilton — Valentine Greatrakes the stroker — Robert Boyle's testimony — The Earl of Sandwich has the gift of healing — Andrew Jackson Davis, the seer of Poughkeepsie — His book Of revelations — Attempts to make spiritualism a national institution Davis's cult and his following — His principle Opposite to that of Christian Science — George O. Barnes, the mountain evangelist — The Mormons set bones by faith — Francis Schlatter — A postal fraud — John Alexander Dowie — Doctorr, Drag; and Devils — Phineas Quimby Of Maine — Animal magnetism — Hypnotism Quimby treats the ills of misunderstood women — New Thought — Mrs. Mary A. Morse Baker Glover Patterson Eddy — Her hysterical ailments — She appeals to Quimby — She becomes a faith healer — Science ana' Health — Disputes in the Christian Science organization — Delusions of persecution — Malicious animal magnetism — Queen Elizabeth makes witchcraft a capital Offense — King James I writes a book on witchcraft — Persecution of witches — Trial Of witches in Pennsylvania and New England — Mrs. Eddy attempts to revive witchcraft White magic and black magic — Modern philosophies that are plagiarisms-the principle used by Mrs. Eddy — An ancient theory — Bishop Berkeley — Mrs. Eddy in a dilemma — Cleanliness not a cardinal virtue in her time — An index of moral frailty — Mrs. Eddy on bathing children — Disadvantages Of white magic — The advantages Of Christian Science — An impressive form of faith healing — Chiro practic manipulation — Bone setters-mrs. Mapp — Crazy Sal — Hogarth's cari cature — Andrew Still gives bone-setting a new name — Osteopathy — Laying on of hands with impressive force — The English Opinion — Disease from dislocated spines — Faith healing by diet — Cyril's liver — Fish and brains — Vitamins Yeast — Appliance cures — Dr. Perkins of Yale — The famous Dr. Dubuke branded for stealing indigo — Perkins tractors — Cures with blue glass — Doctors avoid faith healing — An unsympathetic attitude.


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