Andrea Palladio, His Life and Works


Banister Fletcher

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Andrea Palladio, His Life and Works


Banister Fletcher

Forgotten Books


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<i>Andre Palladio: His Life and Works</i> is a biography written by author Banister Fletcher. The book explores the life of the famous Italian architect and the work of the man considered one of the most influential in the history of Western architecture.<br><br>The book begins with a short biography of Palladio that traces his life from his birth in 1508, to his work as a stonecutter that so influenced his architecture, to his tutelage under poet and scholar Gian Giorgio Trissino. The biography is brief but provides the reader with all of the fundamental points of Andrea's life and the bulk of this work is devoted to an examination of Palladio's architecture. Fletcher divides the architect's work into four categories: town houses, country houses, public buildings, and churches. Within each section, individual buildings are profiled, including the location, inspiration, and major architectural features of each work with many of the profiles accompanied by an illustration. The book concludes with an examination of some of Palladio's written work, as well as a chapter on Palladio's historical significance.<br><br>Fletcher's profile of Palladio is appropriate for both those familiar with the architect's work and those to whom this is their first introduction to the man. While the architectural details provided are at times technical, the layman should still be able to interpret the general principles of each design. Palladio's work is so influential that even those unaccustomed to analysing architectural designs will recognize some of his iconic work.<br><br>As a profile of a great artist, Banister Fletcher's book is a success. <i>Andre Palladio: His Life and Works</i> is both a worthy introduction to the man, as well as a detailed examination of the architect's work. Those interested in architecture, particularly in the works of the forefathers of the art, will find this to be a fascinating read.


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