The Israelites Found in the Anglo-Saxons


William Carpenter

Forgotten Books

The Israelites Found in the Anglo-Saxons - Bookrepublic

The Israelites Found in the Anglo-Saxons


William Carpenter

Forgotten Books


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Glover's England the Remnant of Judah, and the Israel of Ephraim, in which, by a collection of curious facts, and a process of ingenious and plausible reasoning, he attempts to prove that England has in her Royal family the stem of Jesse, and the fostered remnant of Judah; and that she is, in her origin and descent, the reality of Joseph, in her own position; and the Ephraim of Israel, or the Ephraim Of Jacob, in that of her colonies. If the author be found to have added anything to what these laborious writers have contributed towards the elucidation of this question — What has become of the Ten Tribes of Israel — he will have his reward. The mode in which he has treated the subject differs considerably from that of his predecessors, and may help to strengthen the conclusions at which they had arrived, if he be not found to have furnished any additional fact in confirmation of them. The historical enquiries involved in the investigation of the subject are of a most interesting description, and if the author's sight, and the time at his disposal had permitted of it, he would gladly have enlarged his plan. As it is, he may perhaps hope that his book will furnish some fact-s and suggestions that will stimulate further enquiries, and lead to still more convincing results. Assured he is, that on the identification of our race with that of Israel momentous results depend. If we have Abraham for our father, our mission is as important and as imperative as our privileges and blessings are great and glorious.


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