What I Know of Farming


Horace Greeley

Forgotten Books

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What I Know of Farming


Horace Greeley

Forgotten Books


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<i>What I Know of Farming</i> is a collection of essays written by Horace Greeley for a New York newspaper in 1870, and originally published in this collection in 1871. Essentially you will be reading the advice of a farmer in his sixties as he draws upon the experiences of a life spent farming. The text is not overly scientific; rather it is intended to offer a practical perspective on life as a farmer to those interested in pursuing such a life.<br><br>This book does not have to be read solely as an instructional or for the farming advice. <i>What I Know of Farming</i> will appeal to anybody passionate about rural lifestyles and interested in gaining firsthand insight into life on a farm in the 1800's, even if you aren't in a position to utilize the technical advice given.<br><br>The historical snapshot this book provides is wonderful. From the farmer who purchased 200 acres in Boston for $2,500, to the author's aversion to farming in the West ("I urge migration to the West only upon those who cannot pay for farms in the old States"), it is clear that this is a document of a specific era in the United States. You will delight in reading Greeley's advice, picturing an old farm in New England nearly 200 years ago. The brief nature of each essay makes this collection eminently readable.<br><br>The farming information itself is also quite fascinating, even for the non-farmer. There is more information presented in this collection on soil, irrigation, planting, livestock, sources of power, and many other topics than you will commonly encounter in one source. Surely many of the techniques discussed would still be of great value to the modern farmer.<br><br><i>What I Know of Farming</i> is a delightful read for anybody interested in learning more about the farms that helped build our country into what is today, and is full of life advice that will apply to anyone no matter their profession.


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