History of Madison County, Indiana, From 1820 to 1874


Samuel Harden

Forgotten Books

History of Madison County, Indiana, From 1820 to 1874 - Bookrepublic

History of Madison County, Indiana, From 1820 to 1874


Samuel Harden

Forgotten Books


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Having all my life been unable to reconcile to myself the propriety of long prefaces, I now intend to write but a short one; and, in fact, yield to this more from custom than from any apparent necessity. The author first conceived the idea of writing this work from reading the early history of Indiana, by O. H. Smith. And if I shall be able to merely imitate that great sketch-writer, my ambition will be more than subserved. Let me here say that I entered the work with many misgivings as to my ability in placing a book before an enlightened people, worthy of the name it bears. And would, in fact, have failed had it not been for the unbounded help from many quarters. And here I wish to return thanks to the county officials, who have univer sally given the information sought, and to many private citizens in the county. The author is not vain enough to think he has brought out a book faultless, and without mistakes. It would be singular indeed if these did not occur. He is also aware that many incidents and statistics have failed to appear which should have found a place in this work. But when the reader reflects for a moment the vast amount of work, to gather material, originating as it does from inci dents extending over a period of more than fifty years, he will, to some extent, overlook the seeming as well as real imperfections. The author has visited in person all parts of the county, picking up here and there facts and figures as best he could, writing many letters for information, which have been universally responded to. How well the author has succeeded in placing before the people a readable and reliable book, is for them to decide.




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