Survey of the City Schools of El Paso, Texas


Paul W. Horn

Forgotten Books

Survey of the City Schools of El Paso, Texas - Bookrepublic

Survey of the City Schools of El Paso, Texas


Paul W. Horn

Forgotten Books


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I transmit to you herewith a report of the brief but comprehensive survey of the City School System of El Paso, which I have made in accordance _with the invitation from your honorable body transmitted by your Superintendent of Schools. The letter of invitation was so framed as to convey to me the impression that you desired a statement of the essential vital facts concerning your school system rather than a technical analysis of the situation. I gathered that you wished this statement to be made in such simple terms as could be readily understood by the laymen. In educational affairs, rather than in the technical terms Of the profession of pedagogy. With this suggestion I have endeavored to comply. I have tried to present a report which can be used in helping to improve the schools and conditions about them rather than one which will be ad mired for the exhaustiveness of its investigations or the pedagogical learning displayed in it. I have tried to write a report which will be helpful rather than one which will be admired. It may as well be stated frankly also that the subject in hand has been approached in a sympathetic manner. It is assumed that your honorable body is not so obviously unfair as to desire a report on your school system which would include all the bad things Which might be said about it and exclude all the good things. A fair re port should include both. A school survey which degenerates into a near effort at systematic fault finding cannot claim to be impartial.


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