Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Lewis Carroll

Forgotten Books

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


Lewis Carroll

Forgotten Books


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Not simply one but two enthralling classics of children’s literature, Treasured by adults and passed lovingly from generation to generation. Sweet plucky Alice comes across a flustered little rabbit that is just awfully, terribly late. His pocket watch ticks furiously and before you know it she tumbles down and down and down the tiny rabbit hole into a world she could never have imagined. Alice takes on a laconic pipe smoking caterpillar, fences with the mischievous Cheshire cat and has to act sharply in order to keep a firm hold on her own head. Feel befuddled in the foggy pipe smoke and your heart beating faster with Alice as she runs from the court of the Queen of Hearts.<br> <br>Lewis Carroll had the rare knack of retaining the flair of a child’s imagination into his adulthood and for more than long enough to use his literary prowess to bring not one masterpiece to life but two.<br> <br>Alice Through the Looking Glass visits an older Alice and finds her in repose. The world beyond the looking glass can hardly be resisted however and she is pulled into the world of the jabberwocky, the arch Red Queen, the forgetful White Queen and a high stakes chess game. She fares as best she can amongst the nursery rhyme characters and wonderland denizens and strives to checkmate the Red King. Carroll delves even further into the delightfully surreal in this sequel and leaves Alice and the reader wondering which version is truly the dream and which version the reality.


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