The Early Revisers of the Gospel


Edgar Simmons Buchanan

Forgotten Books

The Early Revisers of the Gospel - Bookrepublic

The Early Revisers of the Gospel


Edgar Simmons Buchanan

Forgotten Books


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Dr. H. A. Buttz: The President is unable to be here to present in person the lecturer of the afternoon, and has assigned that privilege to me. It is a great priv ilege to welcome those who do so much to advance the interests of the Kingdom of God. The subject on which the lecturer today is to speak is one of the utmost importance, and has taxed the skill and wis dom of scholars throughout the centuries, namely, the attempt to get back to the first words, the original documents, the words spoken by Christ and His Apos tles, so that we may know exactly What has beenwritten — may know that they are, indeed, the words of sacred truth. Mr. Buchanan comes to us after a thorough study of these important subjects. He is a specialist in this great department; and it affords me pleasure to welcome Mr. E. S. Buchanan, Master of Arts, and Editor of the Oxford old-latin Biblical Texts: Nos. V and VI, who will address you now. Mr. Buchanan: Dr. Buttz, Ladies — I am glad to see some ladies here — and Gentlemen: it is with great pleasure that I speak to you this afternoon about a subject which — as has been said — is of vital import ance to each one of us, and not only to each one of us, but also to those whom we know and those whom we love, to those who live in this great country as well as to those who live in the Old World, Whose past records I have had a better opportunity of studying than most of you here. The subject I wish to speak about this afternoon is the Early Revisers of the Gospel. We have all of us the printed Bible. I hope that you use the King James' Version rather than the Revised Version, be cause, after eighteen years' research among manu scripts, I have come to the conclusion that the King James' Version is a much more trustworthy Version, both in its original text, and in its translation, than the Revised Version, which was put out in 1881 from the Jerusalem Chamber at Westminster.


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