The Life of Thomas Jefferson


Henry S. Randall

Forgotten Books

The Life of Thomas Jefferson - Bookrepublic

The Life of Thomas Jefferson


Henry S. Randall

Forgotten Books


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Second Session of Ninth Congress — President's Message — Special Message on English Affairs — Congress ask Information in regard to Burr's Conspiracy — Senate pass a Bill to suspend the writ of habeas corpus — The House summarily reject the Bill — Eppes's Speech — Causes of reaction in public feeling — Bellman and Swartwout brought Prisoners to washington-president's further Information to Congress — Bellman and Swartwout discharged from custody — Broom's Resolution to further secure privilege of the writ of habeas corpus rejected — MM — Naval defences — The different plans urged — Adjournment — Correspondence — New English Treaty [ts inconsistency with Instructions — The President to Monroe on the subject — He rejects the Treaty without consulting the Senate — Letters to his Cabinet — Spring Elections in 1807 — Burr brought to Richmond — The Legal Proceedings before Judge Marshall Burr held to Bail for a Misdemeanor — His Reception by the Federalists of Richmond Mr. Wickham's dinner-party — Chief Justice and Burr meet as Guests there — Professor Tucker's Explanatlon of the Circumstance — Burr's Trial — Motion for a Subpoena duces tecum to the President — Ofier of United States Attorney voluntarily to furnish all necessary evidence — Martin's Attacks on the President — Wirt's Reply — Chief Justice's Remarks — Attacks on the President continued — President's indignation-martin's Motives and Character — A Blunder avoided — The Subpana duces tecum issued — Presi dent's Ofi'er in the interim to furnish all needful Testimony — His Answer on receiving the Subpoena, etc. — A practical Commentary — Manner of treating Government Wit messes — Indictment for Treason and Misdemeanor found — Burr confined in his Counsel's house — Arraigned — His Description of his Apartments etc., in the Penitentiary Trial opened — President's Letters to United States Attorney — Motion to stop the Introduction of Evidence in the Trial for Treason granted — Verdict of the J ury — Trial for Misdemeanor — The Proof relied on by the Prosecution ruled out — The Sequel — Burr held to Bail for a Misdemeanor in Ohio — President's Correspondence with District Attorney — Accused of undue eagerness for Prisoner's Conviction — Accused of Impro per Interference — These Charges examined — Barr's Flight — His Miseries in Foreign Lands — Unable to get Home — Finally reaches Home in 1812 — His Obscurity and Dis grace — Death of his Family — Dreads Imprisonment for Debt — Subsequent Course and Closing Scene, 189.



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