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Rebecca Ruter Springer is part of a rich tradition of female Christian mystics. In Intra Muros she lays out her personal revelation on the nature and content of a Christian heaven. Like Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich before her, she brings an emotional dynamic to her faith. Whilst this precious work is considered non canonical by some, all are moved by her personal description of the way in which Jesus greets the children in Heaven. <br><br>Those who doubt her revelation will leave these pages as dog eared and the spine of this book as cracked and worn as those who take Springer at her very eloquent word. The picture she paints of beautiful, serene gardens and warm family homes filled with love can make you homesick for a place you have never been and that none other can return to us and speak of. <br><br>The reader will appreciate the subtle reference to other ideas about heaven, metaphors about wealth and splendour of a more decadent kind but Springer says it best in her own words<br><br>"I often think how we were taught to believe that heaven was where we would wear crowns of gold and stand with harps always in our hands! Our crowns of gold are the halos His blessed presence casts about us; and we do not need harps to accentuate our songs of praise. We do see the crowns, and we do hear the angelic harps, when and as God wills it, but our best worship is to do his blessed will".


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