Bunyan Characters


Alexander Whyte

Forgotten Books

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Bunyan Characters


Alexander Whyte

Forgotten Books


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Do you pray to be called prayer? And, if so, when, and where, and what for, and how long at a time I do not ask if your private prayer book is like Bishop Andrewes' Devotions, which was so reduced to pulp with tears and sweat and the clenching of his agonising hands that his lite rary executors were with difficulty able to decipher it. Clito in the Christian Perfection was so expe ditious with his prayers that he used to boast that he could both dress and do his devotions in a quarter of an hour. What was the longest time. You ever took to dress or undress and say your prayers? Then, again, there is another Anglican young gentleman in the same High Church book who always fasts on Good Friday and the Thirtieth of January. Did you ever deny yourself a glass of wine or a cigar or an Opera ticket for the church or the poor? Could you honestly say that you know what tithes are? And is there a poor man or woman or child in this whole city who will by any chance put your name into their prayers and praises at bedtime to-night? I am afraid there are not many young gentlemen in this house to night who could cast a stone at that brisk lad Ignorance, vain-hope, door in the side of the hill, and all. He was not far from the kingdom of heaven indeed, he got up to the very gate of it. How many of you will get half as far?


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