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F. B. Meyer was a popular Baptist preacher with a zeal to draw others into his faith. The lives of biblical figures inspired him perhaps most of all, and so through them he reached out to others. Peter: Fisherman, Disciple, Apostle is a work that teaches in an accessible way about the life of a man who was perhaps first among equals with the other apostles. As Meyer himself points out, Peter somehow feels closer to the ordinary man than the other disciples. John calls to preachers and converts whilst Peter is a familiar figure of a young man setting out in the world, seeking a greater purpose and forsaking what is safe and reliable. <br><br>Peter feared that Jesus had not perceived in him the feebleness and changeability he felt. ‘Now hot with impulse, then cold as the snows of Lebanon’, he treads where every man and woman treads on a path of self-doubt and uncertainty. With a new name bestowed on him and a new purpose instilled in him however, Peter begins a quest much greater than the one he originally began by mooring his boat and setting out from his home town. <br><br>This book is ideal for those who enjoy theological reading in a narrative style. It is accessible but detailed and the use of simile and metaphor make the text lively. Meyer compares souls in God’s eyes memorably with Michelangelo eyeing marble, freeing the potential within. Theological students, biography enthusiasts and those seeking Christian devotional reading will be delighted with this particularly out of Meyer’s impressive body of work.


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