Southern Wealth and Northern Profits


Thomas Prentice Kettell

Forgotten Books

Southern Wealth and Northern Profits - Bookrepublic

Southern Wealth and Northern Profits


Thomas Prentice Kettell

Forgotten Books


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Europe looks on in surprise, to see this model Republic, this successful ex ponent of self-government, this eyesore to aristocrats, this asylum of the Oppressed, this paradise of industry, and demonstration of human equality, voluntarily casting behind it all claim for human supremacy, all prospect of ad vancement, and seeking self-destruction, for the sake of wallowing in the kennel with an inferior race. The philosopher demands if the persons who commit this monstrous outrage upon human dignity are really entitled to those godlike qualities that are generally ascribed to the intellect Of man. Is man, after all, no better than a brute, that he should libel his Creator for making distinctions be tween his creatures, and pretend to correct the errors of the Deity by voluntarily resigning his rank in the scale of creation? The statesman asks, if really the most intelligent people of the world are so besotted as to take seriously the political clap-traps of Europe, to pretend that they are no better than negroes, and destroy themselves for a sentiment? That Europe, through her large interest in American States, has been alarmed lest this should really be so, is manifest in the London Times, which, from a virulent assailant, has lately become the efficient defender of American institutions, which were capital staples for abuse while there was no danger of losing them, but they really cannot afford to have the thing taken seriously. The South views the matter in the spirit of Patrick Henry. The Object is now, indeed, small, but the shadow is large enough to darken all this fair land. They can have no faith in men who profess what they think a great moral prin ciple, and deny that they intend to act upon it. It was the principle of taxation without representation that the colonies resisted, and it is the principle of the irrepressible conflict,' based avowedly on a higher law,' that the South resists. She is now in the position Of the Colonies eighty-four years ago, and is adopting the same measures that they adopted, viz., non-intercourse. These are now derided as they were then, and this even while the effects of the preliminary movements are falling heavily upon the Northern workmen. A prompt retreat from this dangerous agitation within the shadow of the Constitution, is the only means of realizing the rich future, which will be the reward only of harmony.


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