The Anatomie of Abuses


Phillip Stubbes

Forgotten Books

The Anatomie of Abuses - Bookrepublic

The Anatomie of Abuses


Phillip Stubbes

Forgotten Books


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Not doubting, but that the chief Maifter and Builder of this howfe, Chrift Jefus, will not diflike, but accept of my poore contribution, no leffe than he did of the poore wydowes mite, to whom was imputed that (he had caft more in Gazophilatium Templi, into the treafury of the Temple, than all the reft for what fhe wanted in effeét that fhe fupplyed in affecft. And for that, alfo, the Lord our God committing his talents to every one, whether more or leffe, not onely requireth of us the fame againe fimply, but alfo, as a ftraight computift, demaundeth intereft and gaine of every one of us: and for that not only he is a murtherer and a homicide before God who flayeth or killeth a man with material] fword, but he alfo who may prevent the fame, and will not. -and not onely he is guiltie of haynous trauf greffion that committeth any evill really, but alfo he that confenteth to it, as he cloth, who holdeth his peace, or he who by any means might avoid it, and either for neglicence wil not, or, for feare of the world dare not. Therfore, albe it, that I have received but one poore talent, or rather the fliadow of one, yet leafl: I might be reproved (with that un profitable fervaunt) for hydyng my fmall talent in the earth, not profiting therwith at all, either myfelf or others, I have adventured the making of this litle treatife, (intituled The Anatomy of Abufes) hoping that the fame (by divyne af fiftance) (hall fomewhat concluce to the building of this fpirituall howfe of the Lord.


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