Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch


Ralph Bailey Yewdale

Forgotten Books

Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch - Bookrepublic

Bohemond I, Prince of Antioch


Ralph Bailey Yewdale

Forgotten Books


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At Princeton Yewdale was a brilliant student and constantly at work on some problem. He had many interests, especially in literature and music, which made him a delightful companion. He was popular with his instructors and associates in the Graduate College, and won their admiration by his ability. He received the ph.d. Degree in 1917. He entered the army as private in Company B, 33oth Machine Gun Battalion, 8sth Division, September, 1917. He was made Sergeant in the same organization, February, 1918, and was commissioned Lieutenant of Infantry, May, 1918. In May and June, 1918, he was stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia, then trans ferred to Company L, 69th Infantry, General Wood's Division, at Camp Funston, Kansas, in June, 1918. On September 7, 1918, he was ordered to the Historical Branch, General Staff, and in December, 1918, sent to Paris with the Peace Commission, where he remained until July, 1919. He retired from the service in August, 1919, and was appointed Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin, 1919 1921. He died November 25, 1921 (aged 29 years). Yewdale had assembled the material for this thesis for his degree at Princeton, and had written the first draft, but had actually revised only a few pages in the type-written form. This is unfortunate, because his meticulous revision would have added many a felicitous touch. This thesis, however, is such a useful addition to our knowledge that it ought to be published, even in a form that would have seemed to Yewdale far from satisfactory. The editor's task has been confined to making the corrections in the manuscript which were inevitable. Love for aformer student and companion, respect for his scholarship, would not permit any attempt to add aught to his work.



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