The Mystic Test Book, or the Magic of the Cards


Olney H. Richmond

Forgotten Books

The Mystic Test Book, or the Magic of the Cards - Bookrepublic

The Mystic Test Book, or the Magic of the Cards


Olney H. Richmond

Forgotten Books


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Long shrouded in the mystery the Destiny Cards system within these pages has been passed from trusted hand to trusted hand. Until recently each owner was required to sign a solemn agreement not to pass on the book, lend it or allow any copy to be made. A respectable enquirer would perhaps read a few passages under the eagle eyed supervision of their host. Within the mundane pack of 52 printed images lie 4 seasons, 12 moons, 53 weeks and the Joker bears a leap year. <br><br>The Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond is the absolute original in terms of codifying the sacred mysteries of the cards and it remains the very core of the discipline. Suitable for the cautious beginner but also allowing avenues of development for the more experienced seeker of truths. The parlance of the author is delightfully appropriate to his Victorian era, the moment when spirituality began to make itself known in the modern era, finding cracks in the rigidly rational system of the enlightenment and giving voice to the unusual and mystical. <br><br>As a facsimile of the oldest available edition, this work is perfect in its imperfection. Allowing the reader to take the most authentic approach to find their appropriate representation in the pack of cards and their destined path. The work is comprehensive and should the reader delve further into it for answers, they are rewarded with secrets that make the veil between our banal realm of physical realities and level of comprehension seem thin.


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