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To ensure success in any scheme of work designed to effect co-ordination, the Froebelian principles of connectedness and unbroken continuity of succession must permeate it, the manner of application being perfectly flexible, to vary with the altered condition — physical and mental of the children, whilst allowing absolute freedom for individual effort. Teachers may be guided on right lines, but they must employ their own methods of illustration, comparison, and language when imparting knowledge to each individual. Especially does this rule apply to the Handicraft work required in the higher classes of the special schools now being established for the direct and better education of backs 'ard children. The gradation of the scheme of workfrom simple to complex aims to furnish the necessary repetition of exercises without causing weariness, and enables the teacher to select readily a model, or an element, suitable to the physical and mental capacity and progressive activity of each child. Education by doing — imitation and mimicry — forms the essence of self-instruction; and the knowledge begun in wonder grows into power, when applied to the doing of something which becomes the expression by the pupil of his own thought. To a child, toys are the very essence of its existence and every student of child-life can testify to the infinite delight Shown in the most crude model made by the child himself, and his love for it, be it a copy, or the actualizing of a. Preconceived idea. Tools have a strange fascination upon all children, they love to hammer, to cut, to make, and under trained guidance simple woodwork undoubtedly stimulates latent inventive talents more quickly than any other known medium. Experiment has proved that even those children, whose mental powers are far below normal, most readily apply themselves with unique zeal and delight to study under its influence.


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