Practical Pointers for Those Who Shoot


J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company

Forgotten Books

Practical Pointers for Those Who Shoot - Bookrepublic

Practical Pointers for Those Who Shoot


J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company

Forgotten Books


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Angler shooting entangled line from tree Will: a Stevens Pistol. The factory of the J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. Is at Chicopee Falls, Mass. It is equipped with the finest machinery for manufacturing the celebrated Stevens rifles, pistols and pocket rifles. The highest skill is employed for boring and rifling these arms; and it is admitted by all familiar with the rifles and pistols that nowhere in the world has the art of rifle making been brought to a higher state of perfection than at this factory. Stevens rifles and pistols, from their high reputation, have found their way to every part of the civilized world, and, as a consequence, this company is in receipt of letters from various parts of the world asking for information in relation to rifle and pistol shooting. These questions cover a wide range of subjects. Most of our correspondents wish to know what rifles to select for particular purposes; the proper way to shoot a rifle or pistol; they inquire how to construct a suitable range; they also ask for recognized rules governing rifle and pistol shooting. As such information is difficult to procure, this Com pany has decided to publish in this booklet informa tion which is most frequently sought. A rifle is a gun, the inside of the barrel being cut with spiral grooves or channels, for the purpose of Spinning the bullets when the exploded powdercreates a gas and propels the bullet from the barrel; this Spinning motion giving range and accuracy to the bullet.


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