The Doctrine of Maya


Prabhu Dutt Shastri

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The Doctrine of Maya


Prabhu Dutt Shastri

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<i>The Doctrine of Maya: In the Philosophy of the Vedanta</i> is author Prabhu Dutt Shastri's work examining the Upanishads. A particularly talented writer, Shastri was a religious scholar who taught at universities across the world and was a research scholar with the Government of India.<br><br>The book opens with a brief preface from the author before diving into the subject matter. Chapter one is the author's introduction to the concept of Maya. Shastri begins at the most obvious starting point, which is laying out at definitive definition of the word Maya, a term that is frequently misunderstood. Having established this definition, the author proceeds to an examination of the concept of the doctrine of Maya. The author's central thesis is that the idea of Maya far predates the naming of the doctrine. Shastri examines the text of the Rig Veda and the Upanishads to build this argument. The final chapter of the book is devoted to responding to objections to the doctrine of Maya. The author selects several prominent arguments opposing the doctrine and attempts to correct the misunderstandings present in these disagreements.<br><br><i>The Doctrine of Maya</i> is a relatively brief and surprisingly readable treatment of the subject matter. Shastri's prose is simple and elegant. He writes with a definitive voice that guides the reader to a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Religious studies students and scholars, as well as anybody interested in Vedic philosophy, will likely find this to be an illuminating and educational read.<br><br>Prabhu Dutt Shastri's <i>The Doctrine of Maya: In the Philosophy of the Vedanta</i> is a tremendous addition to anybody's library of religious, spiritual, and philosophical texts. It is a concise examination of Maya that will only serve to expand the reader's knowledge of the subject while providing some potentially unexpected entertainment.


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