Heart Talks on Holiness


S. L. Brengle

Forgotten Books

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Heart Talks on Holiness


S. L. Brengle

Forgotten Books


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<i>Heart Talks on Holiness</i> is a text focused on religion and spirituality which essentially stands as a sequel to S. L. Brengle's book "Helps to Holiness." In addition to her work as a renowned and prolific author, Brengle was also a well known commissioner in the Salvation Army. As a preacher and spiritual guide on the doctrine of Holiness, Brengle made it her life's work to write and publish works focused on that which she devoted her life to: the love and worship of God. <br><br>This book presents itself as a spiritual guide for individuals who already believe in Christianity but want assistance in focusing and promoting their faith. Brengle believes deeply in salvation and the grace of God and she crafted this book with the goal of helping men and women achieve salvation. A tall order in some regards, Brengle's main objective is that all readers will be inspired to enjoy salvation and through that, experience happiness and joy on Earth. Brengle uses this book to explain to readers the basics of Holiness, several religious tenets, how to study and understand the bible, and the value in embracing spiritual power.<br><br><i>Heart Talks on Holiness</i> is a spiritually themed book with a primary focus on Christianity and the religious concepts of Holiness and salvation. Brengle's passion for the topic flows through each page and each chapter – compelling the reader to read forward and absorb excitement from the text. This book is a great read for individuals inspired by spirituality and Christianity along with students of religion. This book would also be entertaining for Bible study groups, and Christian organizations interested in the work of S. L. Brengle.


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