Drawing for Beginners


Dorothy Furniss

Forgotten Books

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Drawing for Beginners


Dorothy Furniss

Forgotten Books


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For those that have wanted to draw for a long time but may consider themselves without artistic ability, <i>Drawing for Beginners</i> is an exciting inclusion to the Forgotten Books library. <br><br>The book starts at the very beginning, with what tools to use, hand positioning, and the best types of paper for drawing, painting and sketching. Author Dorothy Furniss then talks (and sketches) you through the drawing of a leaf. If you follow the simple advice presented, it may in fact be the best leaf you have ever drawn.<br><br>From the drawing of a leaf, the book takes your through the drawing of small objects, people and their specific body parts, animals, and larger inanimate objects such as buildings and airplanes. The latter chapters tackle some of the more challenging skillsets required by any artist: perspective, measurement, composition, lighting, and shading.<br><br>With clearly and concisely presented material, there is no doubt that Drawing for Beginners will improve your artistic ability if approached studiously. Of course, there is no one book that will turn a beginner into an expert, and this book is no exception. However, it can be said with confidence that reading this book will give novice artists the mental tools required to become good artists, which is about as much as you can ask for from a book. <br><br>Author Dorothy Furniss puts it best:<br>"We must think with the brush and the pencil; we must think first and then draw round our 'think.' I hope that this book may help you to arrange your thoughts. It is but a helping hand on the broad highway that leads to the great world of art."


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