Milk Diet as a Remedy, for Chronic Disease


Charles Sanford Porter

Forgotten Books

Milk Diet as a Remedy, for Chronic Disease - Bookrepublic

Milk Diet as a Remedy, for Chronic Disease


Charles Sanford Porter

Forgotten Books


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<i>Milk Diet as a Remedy, for Chronic Disease</i>, published in 1911, is one of those publications that supported the "milk diet" movement that was quite popular in the early 1900s. This edition offers intriguing declarations about milk as a cure for problems related to blood production and circulation, as well as chronic diseases.<br><br>Written by a legitimate physician, Charles Sanford Porter, M.D., this edition contains certain revelations that may fly in the face of modern medicine. Some of the statements made here may be contradictory to recent findings about human consumption of milk, thus the need to take everything with prudent judgment. <br><br>Given that this volume was released more than a hundred years ago, it's understandable that there are information included which have yet to be verified and concluded in further studies and with more advanced technology. However, the author cites examples and cases of people who attribute their recovery from certain diseases to the practice of drinking milk exclusively. <br><br>Aside from taking in generous quantities of milk, the Dr. Porter also prescribes rest and exercise. In the last parts of this edition, he provides a number of exercise routines that the reader can easily carry out.<br><br>To this day, the milk diet prescribed in this book still has advocates and fans. This volume is definitely appropriate supplementary reading for dairy product lovers and those who are interested in the dietary fads of the past, but should not be used as a guide without the advice of a modern medical professional.


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