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<i>Spiritual Consciousness: Mysticism – The Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness</i> is a seminal book about Christian mysticism written by one of the most widely read authors on the subject, the ever popular Evelyn Underhill continues her trend of truly life-altering writings.<br><br>Underhill has divided <i>Mysticism</i> into two parts. The first section of the book, "The Mystic Fact", serves as an introduction to Christian mysticism, tracing the history and nature of mysticism from theological and philosophical perspectives. A chapter is also included on mysticism and magic, a relationship that perhaps forms the most controversial aspect of mysticism. The second part of Underhill's book (dubbed "The Mystic Way") is the author's study of the process of mystical growth. This portion of the book can almost be read as a "how-to". For those seeking spiritual growth through Christian mysticism, it is this portion of the book that will be most valuable and potentially life altering.<br><br><i>Mysticism</i> remains one of the most heralded texts examining Christian mysticism. The reason for this is simple: Underhill's prose and clarity of voice are remarkable. The text is simple yet both illuminating and inspiring. Both the novice and the experienced follower will find tremendous value in this book. <br><br><i>Spiritual Consciousness: Mysticism – The Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness</i> is perhaps the most well known book on the subject matter, and with good reason. It is a true accomplishment, and one that deserves to be read by anybody with a passing interest in mysticism. Underhill's book is highly recommended.


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