What to Cook, and How to Cook It


Mrs. W. A. Johnson

Forgotten Books

What to Cook, and How to Cook It - Bookrepublic

What to Cook, and How to Cook It


Mrs. W. A. Johnson

Forgotten Books


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<i>What to Cook and How to Cook It</i> by Nannie Talbot Johnson is a one stop shop for anything related to cooking. Spread across multiple chapters, this book will take the reader through all the elements that go in to the art of cooking right. It would be unfair to call this a simple recipe book as the contents go much beyond basic descriptions and methods involved in cooking. <br><br>Johnson provides brief definitions of important ingredients and dishes in the beginning of <i>What to Cook and How to Cook It</i>, with over a thousand recipes for the reader to choose from depending on the skill level of cooking involved. As an exhaustive index is provided up front, quick access to relevant portions is easy. Johnson separates the actual recipes from the techniques in terms of directions and explanations of methods like boiling, stewing, sautéing and baking among others. A separate section is provided for measuring and mixing which helps the reader in not just memorizing recipes but also understanding the fundamentals of correct cooking. <br><br><i>What to Cook and How to Cook It</i> covers a wide variety of food but the most detailed section is provided for breads. Johnson covers the entire plethora of breads available across the world including wheat, rolls, sticks, waffles and various other forms. Another section that might interest certain readers is the one on cookery for the sick. Johnson details out construction of menus for lunches and dinners with the perfect blend of different courses. Perfect for the casual enthusiast and professional chefs both, <i>What to Cook and How to Cook It</i> is a perfect resource for all.


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