The Biography of Eld


Barton W. Stone

Forgotten Books

The Biography of Eld - Bookrepublic

The Biography of Eld


Barton W. Stone

Forgotten Books


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The author of the following work, was induced to undertake it, by the urgent solicitations of the relatives and friends of Elder Stone. Deeply sensible of his incompetency for so great a work, nothing but deference for the opinion of his friends, and a sense of duty to his venerated Father in the gospel, could have disposed him to attempt it. Such as it is, it is now with great diffidence, offered to the public. The writer is fully aware of its many imperfections both in style and arrangement. Some of these, at least, might have been corrected, had he lived nearer the printer, and had had more time to bestow upon the work.<br><br>For these imperfections, under the circumstances, his friends, and the candid reader, will make due allowance. But from the whole tribe of snarling critics he neither hopes, nor fears any thing. If they shall show him his errors, he will endeavor to correct them. He aspires only to be a follower of Jesus - a doer of good, that he may hear the plaudit of his Master at last: "Well done, good and faithful servant."<br><br>As to the sources whence he has derived his facts and documents, they are of the most unquestionable character; as they have been collected from authentic writings, or living witnesses. The writer believes that B. W. Stone, the much abused and persecuted B. W. Stone, was one of the greatest, and most consistent Reformers, that has appeared in any age since the Apostacy - And that his name will gather new accessions of glory, as time rolls on.


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