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Aberdeén, Scotland; Abishua Codex: First photograph of; Abishua, Great-grandson of Aaron: Reference to the Abishua Codex; Abortive Clitopilus mushroom (Clitopilus abortivus); Abu el Hassan, Son of the late High Priest Jacob: Photograph of; Achin, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Achinese war; Acre, Syria: Knights of St. John; Acropolis of Samaria, Palestine; Adalia, Asia Minor; Adams, John: Reference to; Adirondack Mountains, N.Y.; Victory Park; Adriatic; Ægean Sea, Islands of; Aerial trolley used for conveying guano, Peru; Æsop fables; Afghan, Persia; Afiun-Karahissar, Asia Minor; Africa; Africa, South: Salvation Army; Africa, South: Salvation Army workers and their native associates; Africa, South: Zulu wards of the Salvation Army; Agassiz Basin, N. H.; Agriculture, Massachusetts; Agrippina, Julia: Mention of; Ahab's palace, Samaria, Palestine: Reburying; Ai, Palestine; Aidin, Asia Minor; "Aiyue" (guardsmen) Formosa, Pacific Ocean; "Akid eh Niyeh" (Samaritan prayer); Ak-Kom-Mo-Ding-Wa: Smith Sound native; Alaska; Albatrosses, Peru; Albert I, King of the Belgians: Mention of; Albert Hall, London, England: International Congress of the Salvation Army; Alcatraz, see Pelicans; Alcott, Louisa: "Thoreaus Flute"; Alert (Steamship); Alkaios, Poet: Reference to; Alkman: Choir song for girls; Almond groves, Goodnoe Hills, Klickitat Co., Wash.: Destruction of by crows; Almost a Dog Mountain, Glacier National Park, Mont.; Al-Ning-Wa: An Eskimo woman; Altar of Seth, Mount Gerizim, Palestine; Altar, Tarxien Temple, Malta, Mediterranean Sea; Amanita mushroom species: Underground portions of the; Amazons, Legend of the; American Falls, Idaho; Americanism; Americanization; Amherst College, Amherst, Mass; Ami savages, Formosa, Pacific Ocean: Dance of the; Amsterdam-Deli Company, Medan, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Amundsen, Capt. Roald: National Geographic Society Banquet, 1913; Anak kajoe (poles for tobacco drying) Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Anatolia (Asia Minor); Anchobetas, Peru; Andover, Mass; Andrews Glacier, Rocky Mountain Park, Colo.; Anglo-Bavarian Langues, Malta, Mediterranean Sea; Animals' tracks in the snow, Massachusetts; Animals, Formosa, Pacific Ocean; Animals, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Antaeus: Strength received from the earth; Antigua, Nicaragua: Delegates to Salvation Army International Congress, London; Antiochus II: Reference to; Ants as cultivators of mushrooms; Apache Indians, Arizona; Appistoki Mountain, Glacier National Park, Mont.: Summit of; Apples, Washington; Arabs; Arabs, Malta, Mediterranean Sea; Aragon, Spain: Knights of St. John; Aratiatia Rapids, North Island, New Zealand; "Arbutus": Crow roost near Baltimore, Md.; Arcata, Calif.: Redwood trees; Archaeology, Malta, Mediterranean Sea; Archilochus: Poems of; Arctic Circle; Arctic stove: Admiral Peary's; Arizona: Vice-President Stevenson's visit to; Armington Pond, N. H.; Armistice, The; Armstrong Grove, Calif.: Redwood trees; Archangel, Russia; Arrow Rock Dam, Idaho; Around The World With The Salvation Army. By Evangeline Booth, Commander Salvation Army; Arctic archipelago; Argentina: Delegates to Salvation Army International Congress, London; Arkansas: Fishes rescued by government; Arlington, Va.: Crow roosts; Arklio: An Eskimo dog-driver; Asia Island, Peru: Guano; Asia Minor In The Time Of The Seven Wise Men. By Mary Mills Patrick, President Of The American College For Girls, Constantinople; Asia Minor, Map of; Asia Minor market-place, Arriving at an; Askar (Ancient Sychar) Palestine; Assuan Dam, Nile, Egypt; Astronomy: Thales' School of Philosophy, Miletus, Asia Minor; Astrup, Eivind: Mention of; Atap, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Atayal savages, Formosa, Pacific Ocean; Athens, Greece; Attleboro, Mass.: Jewelry trade; Audubon, John James: Mention of; Augusta Sandstone Bridge, Utah; Augustus, Emperor: Presentation of Shechem to Herod the Great; Auckland, New Zealand; Auk (Mine-sweeper); Australia; Automobile difficulties, Sumatra, Dutch East Indies; Automobiles, United States; Awerta, Palestine; Axel Heiberg Land, Arctic Region; Ayasoulouk, Asia Minor; Baffin Bay, Arctic Region; Baffin Land, Canada; Baffin, William, British navigator: Discovery of Hakluyt Island, Greenland; Bahria, Malta, Mediterranean Sea; Balanced Rock, Colo; Bale of cotton, A; Bale-breaker, Cotton; Ballestas Islands, Peru


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