Modern Music, Published by the League of Composers, 1924-1946


Wayne D. Shirley

Forgotten Books

Modern Music, Published by the League of Composers, 1924-1946 - Bookrepublic

Modern Music, Published by the League of Composers, 1924-1946


Wayne D. Shirley

Forgotten Books


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This Review comes into existence as a new effort of the League of Composers to stimulate interest in the contemporary movement.<br><br>We believe that not only is too little modern music played, but that too little is written about it. It is clear that the persistent tendency to treat the works of living men lightly has weakened only in the face of repeated performance. By publishing authoritative and discerning criticism it is our hope to rouse the public out of a somnolent tolerance to a live appreciation of the new in music.<br><br>In this magazine we shall present the opinions of informed men who accept the changing world of music to-day as inevitable. While the League of Composers is not pledged to the support of any new phase or dogma, it affirms a belief in the progressive development of art. By concerts it attempts to present what is significant in the whole range of modern tendencies. In the pages of this magazine it will endeavor to express the critical counterpart of this ideal. No school or dogma will be championed. Our sole intention is to bring forward the ideas of men who have chosen to lift their eyes from the certainties of the past to read the portents of their time.<br><br>Each issue will contain a number of articles by distinguished critics, contributions from musicians and a department of brief opinion and review. During the present season it will be published occasionally and sent to subscribers of the League and to a special list of those interested in modern music.


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