The Original Buckeye Cook Book and Practical Housekeeping


Estelle Woods Wilcox

Forgotten Books

The Original Buckeye Cook Book and Practical Housekeeping - Bookrepublic

The Original Buckeye Cook Book and Practical Housekeeping


Estelle Woods Wilcox

Forgotten Books


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To those who possess Practical Housekeeping, it is not uccea sary to offer an apology for presenting in another volume such new ideas and methods as have come to light, and after fair trial been found useful and helpful in the household since the publication of that book. It is always a great pleasure to a housewife who takes pride in a well ordered home and an attractive table, to be able to present new and wholesome dishes, and it is as important for her to have the latest and best information available in her department of the family work, as it is for the husband to keep abreast with all the new ideas which are brought to surface in his profession or calling, Such wonderful progress has been made in invention and scientific discovery, that the day laborer now has at his command more of the conveniences and comforts of life than the Kings themselves pos sessed fifty years ago, and yet instead of calling a halt, progress in this direction is more and more marked every year, so that what were the luxuries of one decade become the necessities of the next. AS the conditions of living improve, there are greater demands upon time in new directions, and it is notionly convenient, but a saving of both time and money to have at ready command the simplest and best recipes in cookery and instructions in the best methodsin every department of housekeeping. Failures are costly, and experience is always so dearly bought that 'it is economy to buy the results of thousands of carefully conducted experiments, packed between the covers of a book, rather than waste time and money in trials that may or may not prove successful.


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