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This book (now published posthumously) is the fruit of my husband's lifelong interest in the arts and his belief in their dynamic power to mold the character of peoples and civilizations. He had a deep conviction that greater emphasis on the arts and aesthetic qualities in our homes, our schools, our churches and other institutions of everyday life might well lead us to a new Golden Age. A short time before his death last summer he committed to my care the manuscript, which he had completed except for the final checking and editing.<br><br>In its preparation for publication I have received invaluable help from many friends. Among those who read portions of the proof and assisted in checking data were Professors D.Foster, M.Hayes, R.W. Holmes and Mrs. Louise Holmes, K.M. Lynch, F.D. Reed, A. L.Snell, A.G. Stokey, and L.S. Stevenson - all of Mount Holyoke College; also Professor F.Saunders of Harvard University and my cousin. Colonel A.S. Meek.<br><br>Professor Frederick H.Cramer, Mrs. Elizabeth Cramer and Professor Ellen D.Ellis of Mount Holyoke College gave most generously of their valuable time and labor in reading the various sets of proofs, in large part or in their entirety, and in tracking down those elusive A.A.s and typographical curiosities (which seem to spring up overnight like toadstools to surprise and confound one). To them I am also deeply indebted for many valuable and constructive suggestions,<br><br>I should like to express my appreciation for various kinds of help to Mr. Whitney Darrow and Dr. Henry Goddard Leach (Princeton classmates of my husband); to Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Cromwell of New York; to Miss Flora Belle Ludington, Librarian at Mount Holyoke College, and Miss W.D. Stephens of Philadelphia; also to Mrs. Joseph Ledden and Miss Grace Perkinson.<br><br>Professor Roger Holmes most kindly consented to perform the arduous task of making the index, for which I am deeply grateful.


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