The Worlds Parliament of Religions


John Henry Barrows

Forgotten Books

The Worlds Parliament of Religions - Bookrepublic

The Worlds Parliament of Religions


John Henry Barrows

Forgotten Books


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In preparing these volumes I have had the aid of skilful co-laborers, to whom I owe an expression of warmest thanks — Rev. Leonard Woolsey Bacon, D.D., Rev. E. C. Towne, Rev. Walter M. Barrows, D.D., Prof. George S. Goodspeed and Mr. Clyde W. Votaw, of the Chicago University, Mr. Frederic Perry Noble, and Mr. Kiretehjian of Constantinople. In conducting the Parliament I was aided by friends whose fidelity I gratefully remember - Bishop Keane, Dr. Momerie, Dr. George Dana Boardman, Dr. Hirsch, Rev. L. P. Mercer, Dr. S. J. Niccolls, Dr. W. C. Roberts, Dr. F. M. Bristol, Rev. A. J, Lewis, Bishop Arnett, Rev. Augusta J. Chapin, D.D., Mr. Theodore F. Seward, Rev. George T. Lemmon, my indefatigable Secretary, Mr. William Pipe, Rev. Jenkin Lloyd-Jones, and Mr. Merwin-Marie Snell. That I have been able to give so much strength to this work is due to the kindness of the Elders and people of my own beloved Church. To them I desire to offer my loving and heartfelt thanks. Lasting gratitude is due to those who have helped me in preparing for the Parliament, or in securing the worthy publication of its proceedings. My best obligations must be expressed to President Charles C. Bonney, Mrs. Henrotin, Mr. H. N. Higinbotham, President of the Columbian Exposition, to Mr. A, C. Bartlett, Mr. Daniel H. Burnham, Mr. Marshall Field. Mr. James W. Ellsworth, Mr. O. S. A. Sprague, Mr. Byron L. Smith, Mr. M. D. Wells, Mr. John B. Sherman, Mr. William E. Hale, Mr. Jay C. Morse, Mr. John Davidson, Mr. Edward E. Ayer, Mr. Andrew Onderdonk, Mr. William Deering; to the gentlemen of the Lakeside Press, to Col. Henry L. Turner and Mr. Schiller Hosford of the Parliament Publishing Company.


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