Laboratory Projects in Physics


Frederick Foreman Good

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Laboratory Projects in Physics


Frederick Foreman Good

Forgotten Books


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These experiments have been organized for the purpose of giving concrete expression, in the field of physics, to the recent tendencies in the teaching of science with respect to aim, subject matter, and method. The physics course in a modern high school should be organized according to the recognized function of education in a democratic society. It should include units of study which the masses of boys and girls of high school age are able to pursue with profit. It should proceed toward an organization of practical situations, activities, and phenomena, the value of which will be recognized and approved by teachers, students, parents, administrators of education, and others who are responsible for the work which boys and girls do in the high school.<br><br>It is intended that these experiments should form part of a physics course which includes class discussions and demonstrations. They were devised and used for several years in a beginners' course in practical physics. They differ from the conventional physics laboratory experiments in that they deal more directly with the mechanisms and appliances of everyday experience. The materials and procedure have been worked out in detail in order to aid the busy science teacher in the laborious task of placing practical laboratory study upon a workable basis.<br><br>A large list of projects and problems is offered. In a year's course of thirty-six to forty weeks perhaps not more than half of the ninety-five experiments can be performed. The complete list represents two years' work unless more time is assigned to laboratory study than is the custom.


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