Notes on Lilies and Their Culture


Alexander Wallace

Forgotten Books

Notes on Lilies and Their Culture - Bookrepublic

Notes on Lilies and Their Culture


Alexander Wallace

Forgotten Books


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Annual Transplantation; Anomalous Growth; Anthers Wrapped in Paper; Archelirion Group, The; Aspect, On; Atkinson, J. C., on American Lilies; Autumnal Growth; Baker's (Professor) Synopsis; Baker on Bulb Reproduction; Bamboo Rods for Staking; Bolander, Dr., on Californian Lilies; Bulbs, Lily, on; Bruised, liable to decay; Colour of; Duuediu on; Four classes of; Growth of; Increase of; Lying over dormant; Max Leichtlin on; Reproduction of; Structure of; Stoloniferous; Sub-rhizomatous; Bulblets or Bulbillai; Axillary; in Auratum; from old scales; Burbridge, F. W., on Lily Bulbs; Bulbs described, but not figured; Auratum; Bulbiferum; Chalcedonicum; Humboldtii; Martagon; Pomponium and Pyrenaicum; Szovitzianum; Testaceum; Umbellatum; For the bulbs figured, see under head Woodcut; Carbolic Acid, Use of; Cardiocrinum Group; Carpeting the soil; Clay, for packing bulbs in; Clarke, R. T., Letter of; Colchester, Soil at; Cold Spring, Injurious; Collecting and Packing; Compost for Pot Culture; Core or Central Axis, Dunedin on; Core, Importance of; Correspondents Letters, N. America; India; Japan; Crewe, Rev. Harpur, Letter of; Cultural Remarks, General; Culture, Examples of fine; in Japan; Special Examples of; Under Difficulties; Cutting the Foliage, Detrimental; Cuttings of Lilies, forming bulbs; Degeneration of Bulbs; Deep Planting; Disease from Sunstroke; Differences between L. Odorum and L. Brownii; Differences in Germination of Seed; in the Concolor Group; in the Longiflorum Group; in the Speciosum Group; of Character in young Lilies; of Growth and Reproduction in different Sections of Lilies; Douglas, J., Letter of; Drawings from Japan of all the Lilies; Dry Seasons Injurious; Drying off Bulbs in Autumn; Duchartre on Bulb Growth of L. Canulense; on Lilies; on the Longiflorum Group


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