The Works of George Berkeley, D.D


George Berkeley

Forgotten Books

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The Works of George Berkeley, D.D


George Berkeley

Forgotten Books


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That an absolute passive obedience ought not to be paid to any civil power: but that submission to government should be measured and limited by the public good of the society; and that therefore subjects may lawfully resist the supreme authority, in those eases where the public good shall plainly seem to require it: nay, that it is their duty to do so, inasmuch as they are all under an indispensable obligation to promote the common interest; these and the like notions, which I cannot help thinking pernicious to mankind and repugnant to right reason, having of late years been industriously cultivated, and set in the most advantageous lights by men of parts and learning, it seemed necessary to arm the youth of our university against them, and take care they go into the world well principled; I do not mean obstinately prejudiced in favour of a party, but from an early acquaintance with their duty, and the clear rational grounds of it, determined to such practices as may speak them good Christians and loyal subjects.<br><br>In this view, I made three discourses not many months since in the College-chapel, which some who heard them thought it might be of use to make more public: and indeed, the false accounts that are gone abroad concerning them, have made it necessary. Accordingly I now send them into the world under the form of one entire discourse.<br><br>To conclude; as in writing these thoughts it was my endeavour to preserve that cool and impartial temper which becomes every sincere inquirer after truth, so I heartily wish they may be read with the same disposition.


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