The Philosophy of Numbers


Mrs. L. Dow Balliett

Forgotten Books

The Philosophy of Numbers - Bookrepublic

The Philosophy of Numbers


Mrs. L. Dow Balliett

Forgotten Books


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<i>The Philosophy of Numbers: Their Tone and Colors</i> is a book that explores the spiritual use and symbolic nature of numbers written by L. Dow Balliett. The author explains in the preface that she composed this book in response to requests she received across the world from readers who wanted a clearer approach to numerology. In this book, Balliett explores number vibration and her own beliefs on the principle of Unity – the concept that all things have but one source.<br><br>Balliett's ultimate goal is apparent in the first pages of her text: declaring that each individual struggles with questions like "why am I here?" and "how do I find a place for myself in life?" or "what am I meant to do with my life?", in turn, it's Balliett's intent to utilize numerology, and numbers to explore these vital questions and apply her findings to assist readers in their own personal journeys through life and spirituality. In the book, she explores a variety of religious texts to work as both evidence to support her arguments and as red herrings that she can contradict with her own experiences and beliefs. The book offers a considerable amount of exercises for the reader to explore in their own study of numerology and symbolism.<br><br><i>The Philosophy of Numbers: Their Tone and Colors</i> is a spiritual guide book that offers a considerable amount of information and practice in numerology. L. Dow Balliett shares her own experiences and beliefs in depth in this complex yet approachable book. This is an interesting read for individuals intrigued by numerology, spirituality, and those looking for personal guidance in life.


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