The Design of Steel Mill Buildings


Milo S. Ketchum

Forgotten Books

The Design of Steel Mill Buildings - Bookrepublic

The Design of Steel Mill Buildings


Milo S. Ketchum

Forgotten Books


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This book is intended to provide a short course in the calculation of stresses in framed structures and to give a brief discussion of mill building construction. The book is intended to supplement the elementary books on stresses on the one hand, and the more elaborate treatises on bridge design on the other. While the book is concerned chiefly with mill buildings it is nevertheless true that much of the matter will apply equally well to all classes of steel frame construction.<br><br>In the course in stresses an attempt has been made to give a concise, logical and systematic treatment. Both the algebraic and graphic methods of calculating stresses are fully described and illustrated. Each step in the solution is fully explained and analyzed so that the student will get a definite idea of the underlying principles.<br><br>Attention is called to the graphic solutions of the transverse bent, the portal and the two-hinged arch, which are believed to be new, and have proved their worth by actual test in the class room. The diagram for finding the stress in eye-bars due to their own weight is new, and its use will save considerable time in designing bridges.<br><br>In the discussion of mill building construction the aim has been to describe the methods of construction and the material used, together with a brief treatment of mill building design, and the making of estimates of weight and cost. The underlying idea has been to give methods, data and details not ordinarily available, and to discuss the matter presented in a way to assist the engineer in making his designs and the detailer in developing the designs in the drafting room. Every engineer should be familiar and be provided with one or more of the standard handbooks, and therefore only such tables as are not ordinarily available are given.


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