Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Studies, No; 7


Donald Dewey Scarborough

Forgotten Books

Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Studies, No; 7 - Bookrepublic

Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Studies, No; 7


Donald Dewey Scarborough

Forgotten Books


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The Phelps-Stokes Fellowship was established for the purpose stated in the following resolutions:<br><br>"Whereas. Miss Caroline Phelps Stokes in establishing the Phelps-Stokes Fund was especially solicitous to assist in improving the condition of the negro, and<br><br>"Whereas, It is the conviction of the Trustees that one of the best methods of forwarding this purpose is to provide means to enable southern youth of broad sympathies to make a scientific study of the negro and of his adjustment to American civilization.<br><br>"Resolved, That twelve thousand five hundred dollars ($12,500) be given to the University of Georgia for the permanent endowment of a research fellowship, on the following conditions:<br><br>"1. The University shall appoint annually a Fellow in Sociology, for the study of the Negro. He shall pursue advanced studies under the direction of the departments of Sociology, Economics, Education or History, as may be determined in each case by the Chancellor. The Fellowship shall yield $500, and shall, after four years, be restricted to graduate students.<br><br>"2. Each Fellow shall prepare a paper or thesis embodying the result of his investigations which shall be published by the University with assistance from the income of the fund, any surplus remaining being applicable to other objects incident to the main purpose of the Fellowship. A copy of these resolutions shall be incorporated in every publication issued under this foundation.<br><br>"3. The right to make all necessary regulations, not inconsistent with the spirit and letter of these resolutions, is given to the Chancellor and Faculty, but no changes in the conditions of the foundation can be made without the mutual consent both of the Trustees of the University and of the Phelps-Stokes Fund."<br><br>This study is sane, graphic and, in my opinion, valuable.


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