The Biochemic System of Medicine


George W. Carey

Forgotten Books

The Biochemic System of Medicine - Bookrepublic

The Biochemic System of Medicine


George W. Carey

Forgotten Books


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The following work on Biochemistry is offered to the public with a sincere desire to advance the cause of truth.<br><br>The author has no desire to tear down anything good that may be found in any system of medicine. But this is an age of keen investigation - of idol breaking and truth finding. He who is afraid to investigate for fear that some cherished belief will be swept away, is not a true scientist. Age cannot sanctify an error.<br><br>It is with the kindest of feelings towards the science of Homoeopathy, and its many brave and noble defenders, that its underlying principle, "similia similibus curantur" has been questioned, and idem - the same to the same, or the law of Supplying Deficiencies - pushed to the front as the Natural Law of Cure.<br><br>It is not claimed that all the matter in the book is original. It is absolutely necessary in preparing a text-book on Biochemistry, to use, in the main, the therapeutics and materia medica of Schuessler and the translator, Dr. M. Docetti Walker, of Dundee, Scotland.<br><br>Some additions have been made, founded on experience. Hundreds of eminent physicians throughout the land have given time and experience that go to enrich the pages of the work.<br><br>But the writer does claim originality in the biochemic pathology and the modus operandi of its therapeutics, and holds that his theories in regard to the manner and mode of operation, by which the inorganic cell-salts of human blood unite with organic matter to form certain material for carrying on life's processes, have never before been clearly set forth.<br><br>Biochemistry is in its infancy. It is hoped the progressive physician will investigate, without prejudice, and thereby assist humanity to a true understanding of the cause and cure of disease.


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