Baptist Succession


David Burcham Ray

Forgotten Books

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Baptist Succession


David Burcham Ray

Forgotten Books


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The Angel said to Daniel that, in the last days, Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. This prophecy is especially being fulfilled as regards church history; for a number of the ripest scholars of Europe and America are devoting their energies to this great work, with the prospect of much good as the result. It has ever been the policy of Rome to destroy, as far as possible, not only the true church itself, but every vestige of its history. This fell design has led Romish authors to make the effort to blacken the character of the Church of Christ, by accusing its mem bers of almost every crime which Satanic malice could invent. And they have so far succeeded in their purpose, as to make the impres sion on the multitude, that there is no church succession independent of Rome, and that all other churches came out of the Catholic Church! Baptists have with one voice denied any connection with the Romish apostacy, and claimed their origin as a church from Jesus Christ and the apostles. If this claim of the Baptists is true, they should ever be willing and able to furnish the evidence upon which they rest their claims to antiquity. But, owing to the scarcity and cost of old ecclesiastical histories and documents, the people are deprived of the means of knowing the facts of history which ought to be in the reach' of every one. It is the design of this work to furnish, in a convenient shape, the leading facts of his tory which every Christian should know. I can see no reason why any child of God should be indifferent as to the history of the martyrs of Jesus, upon whose blood the Romish harlot was drunk for so many ages. I know that the full details of the cruel suffers ings of these witnesses for Christ is preserved alone in the archives of heaven, and will there be preserved till that glorious day when every hidden thing shall be brought to light.


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