History of the U. S. S. Leviathan


History Committee on Board the Ship

Forgotten Books

History of the U. S. S. Leviathan - Bookrepublic

History of the U. S. S. Leviathan


History Committee on Board the Ship

Forgotten Books


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"Leviathan"<br><br>Adele M. Marshall<br><br>Leviathan, thou noble ship,<br>Thou mighty monarch of the seas,<br>May thy stalwart form and mighty force<br>War's desolating horrors ease.<br>We view the grandeur of thy bulk,<br>And gaze with wonder and with awe<br>At thy great magnitude and might<br>Which surpass visions we foresaw.<br><br>As now in peaceful anchor held,<br>The waves caress thy sturdy bow:<br>The ocean flirts and beckons thee<br>To sail away, away — and now<br>She lures thee with her shining crest,<br>But couldst thou see beneath the wave<br>The yawning jaws of cavern greed<br>From which a God alone can save.<br><br>She'll lure thee out into her midst,<br>Then tantalize with storm and gale,<br>But these mere trifles bring no fear<br>As ever on you sail.<br>But deep within her somber soul<br>There lie devices horn of hate,<br>In traitorous hearts and crafty minds<br>Hell's strategies they propagate.<br><br>And will there mechanisms harm?<br>Will bomb or shot e'er rend thy bark?<br>Will cries of horrors fill the air<br>As dangers peer from ocean dark?<br>There is but One who knows thy fate;<br>Within the hollow of His hand<br>Thy safety lies. You can but wait<br>And place thy trust in Beulah Land.<br><br>We trust thee, ship, we give our sons<br>By thousands. Will they fill thy halls?<br>Oh bring them safe across the wave<br>Despite the whirlpool, storms and squalls<br>The prayers and sobs from broken hearts<br>Will follow as thy course is run.<br>This prayer eternal, to heaven will rise —<br>"Thy will, not mine. Oh, God, lie done."<br><br>Leviathan, thou ship of state,<br>Sail on, sail on victorious.<br>Crush thou the tools of hate.<br>Come back with honors glorious<br>And bring with thee eternal peace.<br>Peace with honor, without stain.<br>And wear the crown "Leviathan,"<br>Queen of the ocean's vast domain.



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