Charles M. Alexander


Helen Cadbury Alexander

Forgotten Books

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Charles M. Alexander


Helen Cadbury Alexander

Forgotten Books


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Being as real as Himself, and warned of his ability to destroy both body and soul in hell, Alexander neither scoffed, nor minimized the danger, but devoted his life to the saving of his fellow-men by pointing them to the Saviour, and urged every Chris tian to do the same. Speaking to a group of men who had taken their stand for Christ in Dundee, Scotland, in 1903, he said, Be a soul -winner if you are never anything else. You will find very few who want to shine in winning souls all the time. You have a chance here to distinguish yourselves. Another thing he constantly reiterated was, The last thing the devil will let you do is to win a soul definitely to Christ. If you don' t believe it, try it. He will let you never miss a prayer meeting, or a Sunday morning service; he will even let you get up and lecture on religious subjects, and do all sorts of religious deeds, if you will just st0p short at one thing, and that is to get face to face with individuals, to bring them to a decision for Jesus Christ, and get them to confess Him Openly before the world. I used to get up on the platform and lead the singing without doing personal work, but I knew down in the bottom of my heart that I was using my arms too much, and my tongue too little. Often, when people are ill, it is only the pressure on some nerve which is ruining the whole body. You cannot be a sane, healthy Christian unless you are trying to Win souls. It is sanity itself. People who go off on a tangent often do so because they Shut themselves up in their studies, and forget to go right down by the side of men and win them to God When I first went to London I called on W. T. Stead, the great interviewer. 'l have always wondered how iri the world you interviewed people,' I said to him. Start on me, I want to see how you do it.' Mr. Stead turned round suddenly, and fixing his searching eyes upon me, asked, What are you in London for? It made me shake all over, but I have never forgotten it. What are you living for? I will tell you what you ought to be living for — to win people definitt to Jesus Christ. Some of you say, Well, I try to do it by my life.' So far as I have seen, the life of most people is largely made up of talking, isn't that right 1 I believe that the last thing you are willing to give to God is your tongue.




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