Farwell Ancestral Memorial


K. Holton , Frances , David Parsons' Holton

Forgotten Books

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Farwell Ancestral Memorial


K. Holton , Frances , David Parsons' Holton

Forgotten Books


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Individual isolation contravenes the will of heaven, as shown in every characteristic of mans physical, intellectual and moral nature. Equally so of families and nations. Progressive discoveries, in the laws of mind and matter, made since the parable of the "Good Samaritan" was spoken, and harmonizing therewith, tend to unify the human race, whether near or distant in space or time. More and more the individual parent is brought to realize himerself as a responsible connecting link in the great family circle; and this growing conviction has, within the last half of a century, added great impulse to genealogical and biographical studies.<br><br>Hon. Daniel Webster said: "It is wise for us to recur to the history of our ancestors. Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future, do not perform their duty to the world."<br><br>Hon. John Winslow in a recent address, speaking of the value of family histories as contributory sources to more general history, said:<br><br>"Family histories are of great importance as primary sources of local or town histories. It is the histories of the families that make that of the town; those of the towns make up the history of the State, and those of the States the nation. It has been said that the utility of the great libraries in Europe may be best understood if we consider their vast number of books, not as books to be read seriatim, but like words in a dictionary, to be consulted as occasion may require; and so it may be said of family and town histories. They are like words in a vast lexicon; like rivulets that swell the streams, the streams the river, and the river the mighty sea. It is clear that to attain accuracy and a good understanding, we must begin at the first round of the ladder, and so know more about - if not the "forests primeval" - at least the families primeval, so far as human records or traditions will permit. If we start right here, we have data from which may be made safe inferences and clear generalizations.<br><br>"Let not the objection be thought well taken, that inasmuch as we live in a young country, we can feel no special interest in genealogy. The fact is, that for all purposes of genealogical studies we live, in a proper sense, in as old a country as can be found. In a broad sense our life in this is but a continuance of race life in the older countries from which our ancestors came.




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