Fire Insurance Inspection and Underwriting


Walter O. Lincoln , Charles C. Dominge

Forgotten Books

Fire Insurance Inspection and Underwriting - Bookrepublic

Fire Insurance Inspection and Underwriting


Walter O. Lincoln , Charles C. Dominge

Forgotten Books


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Fire insurance literature is surfeited with technical nomenclature, therefore we have tried to follow the advice of Ruskin who said, "The greatest thing any living soul can do is to see something clearly and tell it plainly."<br><br>In the last decade there have been more books written on the subject of insurance than at any time since insurance has been looked upon as a scientific problem. Most of the writings have been from the pens of men of long experience who realized the necessity of committing to print their valuable experiences for the benefit of the profession. These works have been in the main of a highly technical character designed for the use of experienced men, or at least for those- who have been engaged in the profession for some time and to whom was denied the opportunity of getting the information at first hand. There are numerous admirable text books on any particular subject, but so written that only those who have had some experience in the insurance business can fully comprehend the terms and expressions that are in the) writings.<br><br>As far as we know, there is no one book which can be called a "primer" for the guidance of those entering our business and who, from their inability to secure the practical elementary books for study, are handicapped at the start of their career, and must needs spend many years of close I application before their advancement really begins. It is for the benefit, primarily, of the young student who seeks the rudimentary education, and to save the needless expenditure, of time at the start, which has been the lot of most insurance men, that this book is presented. Our aim is to make this volume a "ready reference handbook" for general use of underwriters, inspectors, examiners, map, clerks, countermen, storage clerks, schedule men, and others.


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