The History of the Parish of Ribchester


Jonathan Shortt , Tom C. Smith

Forgotten Books

The History of the Parish of Ribchester - Bookrepublic

The History of the Parish of Ribchester


Jonathan Shortt , Tom C. Smith

Forgotten Books


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And, finally, I have to express as best I can the sense of grati tude I feel to Thee. Dean, Esq., M.D., Burnley, the Rev. Jon. Shortt, the Rev. F. J. Dickson, the Very Rev. Monsignor R. Gradwell, and Mr. W. A. Abram. For months Mr. Dickson has allowed me the free range of his rectory for the purpose of transcribing the registers, etc., and has thus added materially to the accuracy of the transcripts, besides assisting me in numerous other ways. To Mgr. Gradwell I owe many derivations of place names, in addition to the ingenious and novel sketch on Early Christianity in Lancashire, which he has done me the honour to contribute. Mr. W. A. Abram has added most considerably to the fulness of the chapters on the Rectors and Old Families with a generosity not too common among local historians. Dr. Dean has placed at my disposal his unique collection of Townsley mss. With a considerateness I most gratefully acknowledge. Without these mss., it would have been almost impossible to have written a full and correct account of the early history of the parish, as, although Dr. Whitaker had access to the Townsley collection, he seems, in his chapter on Ribchester at any rate, to have made but a poor use of this unequalled material. My friend and collaborator, Mr. Shortt, with whom I have been in almost daily contact for the last six months, has not only written the most important part of this book, but has, also, in every possible way rendered me great assistance. The pleasure of the task of writing my portion of the book has been enhanced by this literary inter course with Mr. Shortt. It is with feelings of gratitude and thankfulness (for serious illnesses have accompanied me during the greater portion of the time in which I have been engaged upon this work), mingled with much humility, that I present to the subscribers the fruits of the important trust reposed in me.




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