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King Dodon, a lazy and gluttonous ruler, is greatly worried by his warlike neighbors. He seeks advice but his various advisers fail to comfort him. Finally the Astrologer brings him a wonderful bird, the Golden Cock, who knows how to foretell events. The bird is placed on a spire in Dodon's capital and from hour to hour sends out from his high perch various messages which either send the crowd scurrying for their weapons, or cause it to scatter and return to its peaceful activities. The bird suddenly sounds a war alarm. Dodon assembles his warriors and they set out on their journey to the enemy's land.<br><br>King Dodon's army fares rather badly in an encounter with its foe. In the uncertain light of early morning his warriors re treat into a deep gorge where the ground is piled high with the bodies of the dead. Suddenly Dodon and his generals descry a tent. It must be the headquarters of the enemy's chief.<br><br>They prepare the onslaught when suddenly there comes out of the tent a beautiful young woman who sings a bold hymn to the sun in which she dilates complacently upon her own physical beauty. Dodon and his general, Polkan, are at once attracted and listen with pleasure while she tells them that she intends to conquer Dodon's capital. Her task is only too easy. Dodon is ready and willing to give her anything she may desire, even Polkan's head.<br><br>Dodon and the strange Queen start for Dodon's capital: he will make her his bride.


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