A Textbook on Ornamental Design


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A Textbook on Ornamental Design


International Correspondence Schools

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All the Instruction and Question Papers of our Ornamental Design Course are contained in two volumes and the accompanying portfolio, in which will be found facsimiles of all the drawing plates that the student is required to execute. These volumes and portfolio together form a comprehensive treatise on the theory of ornamental design, and can be used as a work of reference by the practical designer in the solution of the numerous problems that confront him in his every-day work.<br><br>The geometrical considerations that lie at the foundation of all good designs, the proper understanding of historic style and detail, the origin and influence of certain elementary forms, the practical considerations that govern the final arrangement of all designs, and the influence of material and the ultimate purpose are all dwelt upon in detail in this volume, and practical examples of them are shown in the accompanying portfolio of plates.<br><br>The method of numbering the pages, cuts, articles, etc. is such that each paper and part is complete in itself; hence, in order to make the indexes intelligible it is necessary to give each paper and part a number. This number is placed at the top of each page on the headline opposite the page number; and to distinguish it from the page number it is preceded by the printer's section mark (§). Consequently a reference such as § 4, page 29, would be readily found as follows: look along the inside edges of the headlines until § 4 is found, and then through § 4 until page 29 is found.


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