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The purpose of this book is to suggest methods of attacking the problem of apartment design rather than to present a series of ready-made solutions. Each type of site encountered and every type of occupancy that must be provided for presents its own individual problem and a solution must, in each case, be sought consistent with the ends desired. It is my hope that the methods of planning and analysis presented here will prove useful in accomplishing this purpose.<br><br>I have not hesitated to draw freely on the ideas and thoughts of many writers on the subject, and particularly on the books and articles listed in the bibliography at the end of this volume. I am indebted to my wife for many ideas and criticisms and for her skill in transcribing my complicated and somewhat illegible manuscript to clear typing: to my partner, Julian E. Berla, for many valuable suggestions, to Nicholas Satterlee for his many long hours of work spent in preparing the drawings which illustrate the architectural section of the book.<br><br>Full blame for writing the Structural Engineering section of this book must fall on Jeffrey H. Livingstone, who convinced me that book writing is child's play. But to his credit must be said that he and Mr. Stamo Papadaki did everything they could to help me make it so.<br><br>In collecting and presenting material I am heavily indebted to all the members of the firm, particularly the "inner circle" of Max Krueger. E. G. Elstad, V. Buergin. P. J. Lindslrom, Joseph Fraioli. and W. Blum, as well as principal engineers such as W. Gottschalk, A. J. Perrone, T. C. Kline, K. B. Ideman. B. Brurock Harstead and last, but not least. James Lyall. who transformed my ideas into sketches.<br><br>As Editor of the Progressive Architecture Library series, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to Joseph H. Abel, Fred N. Severud, Clifford C. trock, H. M. Nugent and W. H. Easton, Jr, and Alfred Geiffert for the material which they have contributed to this book and for the time and effort which they have so willingly given to the cause of better architecture.<br><br>I also wish to express thanks to Stamo Papadaki wlio worked so closely with me in designing the book and Alberta Gordon who was my assistant.


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