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The American farmer of today is face to face with the power problem. It has been slowly developing in the last few years and recent conditions have brought it more forcibly to the front. Farm power is usually the horse and in the past it has proved a very satisfactory power. Slowly during the last few years, but more rapidly within the past year, the farm work has increased more in volume than horses have in numbers. This, together with the large number of horses(78, 799 in five months in 1914 alone) that are now being shipped out of the country, has stimulated the price of horseflesh far above the actual value that can be obtained from it on farm work. The maintenance of horses has also increased enormously. Feed has gone up and is becoming more scarce in many localities, and horses must be fed every day in the year. Horses and their feed require large buildings for housing and protection. Building operations are not only expensive, but the buildings filled with hay and other inflammable material are a high fire risk - so much so that farm barn insurance is extremely high, there being no adequate fire protection within reach.<br><br>Decreasing Cost of Oil Power<br><br>Contrasted with the increasing cost of animal power is the decreasing cost of tractor power. The first machines operated on steam - a reliable, but inexpensive form of power. Then came the gasoline tractor cutting the cost of power below that of the steam tractor and animal power. Now we have the Titan oil tractor which operates on kerosene, distillate, solar oil, and other cheap fuels which can be bought in most localities for about half the cost of gasoline - and the Titan oil tractor uses less kerosene than the old tractors did gasoline and delivers just as much and far more reliable power.<br><br>There is another feature of Titan oil tractors which must be considered - while horses must be fed all the year around, the expense of a Titan stops with the work. It costs nothing to keep, yet it is ready at a moments notice to start work again. The winter quarters of a Titan need be only a small shed.


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