Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608 1683)


Franklin Leonard Pope

Forgotten Books

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Genealogy of Thomas Pope (1608 1683)


Franklin Leonard Pope

Forgotten Books


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Few persons have an adequate conception of the extent of research and correspondence, or the amount of time and expense required for the collection of the material necessary for even a tolerably complete presentation of the history of a single family for eight generations.<br><br>For many years the writer has devoted such leisure moments as could be spared from the duties of an active professional life, to the work of gathering information respecting the numerous and widely dispersed posterity of his pilgrim ancestor, with the hope of being able, at some future day, to prepare a creditable history of the family.<br><br>The following pages contain a succinct, but fairly complete genealogy of Thomas Pope of Plymouth, and three generations of his descendants, in which, so far as possible, each line has been brought down to a date within the memory of persons yet living. It is quite impossible to continue the work much beyond this point without the cooperation of others, and it is principally with the hope of interesting others, and of securing their assistance in the work of collecting further material, that this publication is made.<br><br>It is therefore earnestly requested that every person of the name or lineage of Pope, into whose hands these pages may come, will communicate at once with the writer, and will send the name and address of every descendant within his knowledge, together with all accessible genealogical information respecting his own family and his immediate ancestors.<br><br>It is also desired that such persons will correct any errors or supply any omissions which may appear in the printed record, so far as may be in their power.<br><br>Inquiries respecting the history of the Pope family, in any of its branches, will receive due attention.<br><br>The writer wishes to express his grateful acknowledgments to many relatives and friends whose cordial sympathy and assistance have been of the utmost service in the prosecution of his work.




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