History of Hanover Township


Henry Blackman Plumb

Forgotten Books

History of Hanover Township - Bookrepublic

History of Hanover Township


Henry Blackman Plumb

Forgotten Books


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Chapman's History of Wyoming has been drawn upon for informa tion; also Gov. Hoyt's Brief of Title' of Seventeen Townships; Col. H. B. Wright's Sketches of Plymouth; Col. Stone's History of Wyoming; Rev. Dr. Peck's History of vvyoming'f' Elias Johnson' s (the English name of a Tuscarora Indian chief) History of the Six Nations; Stewart? Pierce' s, Annals of Luzerne; Historical Collections of Pennsylvania, Goodrich's History of the U. Hollister's History of the Lackawanna Valley; Events in Indian History, Henry's History of the Lehigh Valley, Johnson's Wyoming Memorial; Mrs. Perkins' Ancient Times, Bradford County, 1870; Rupps Names of Immigrants to Pennsylvania; the original census returns, Washington, D. C.; ancient account books of Elisha Blackman, Sr., 1779 to. 1804; Elisha Blackman, J r., 1795 to 1820; modern account books to 1884; ancient deeds, letters, papers, assessment books, county records, Clerk of the Courts, Orphan's Court, Prothonotary's office, Recorder's office, newspapers, and personal conferences with most of the older inhabitants of the township, and visits to and correspondence by mail with many former citizens, but not now residents of the township. The old soldier and old settler and veteran mentioned 111 the body of the work was Elisha Blackman, Jr., of Hanover. Quotations have not been changed, even when the punctuations seemed to be all wrong. The orthography has been followed unless it was a mani fest case of misprint. The names of persons and places in the old histories, and written documents, seem to have been Spelled according to the writer's notion of it at the moment, as they are not always spelled in the same way by the same writer. When any such matter has been intro duced here the orthography has not been intentionally changed. Various errors have been made in printing which the proof-reader (myself), from inexperience probably, failed to discover until too late for correction. I have therefore introduced here a page of errata, showing the true reading.



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